BERAY Machinery

Industrial Coating and Rotational Casting Systems Ltd.Co.

Our company founeded at 1993 in Bursa Ulu Cadde and in the year 2004 moved to 6000m2 factory in Nilüfer Org.San.Bölg.
The number of stuff of Beray is 25.For soon reply to our Cerkezkoy-Corlu customers we have a branch office in Luleburgaz-Kirklareli

Beray,mostly serving to textile industry as machine,spare parts manufacturing ,maintenence and revision From 2005 till now we are producing from 200lt to 30000lt polyethlene tanks by Rotation system.

Polyethlene tanks are mostly used in textile,water stroge,agricultural storage,olive and pickle fermentation sectors.

In our factory,we produce and make coating of rolls and cylinders of industries following are ,
Textile,automotive,patrol&gas,cement,food,iron&steel,paper,wood ....
Also in our factory we are manufacturing of high performanced Polyurethane coating.Especially it is used for coating heavy load wheels,forklift wheels.